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We are advisors from independent broker/dealer: Cadaret, Grant

Welcome to our Web site.  We hope your visit here will help you understand the opportunities and potential rewards of working with us to pursue your financial goals.

Chief amongst those goals should be financial independence.  Getting there requires knowledge, diligence, patience, experience, and skill.  While some investors are comfortable with their own ability to sift through mountains of information, to pick and choose shortcuts, and to make the right choice at every turn, the majority still prefer working with a financial professional.  Like you, they recognize that there is no cookie-cutter formula to financial freedom and the peace of mind that comes with it.

For financial independence you can really depend upon, you need to map out an investment strategy that fits YOUR goals, YOUR realities, and YOUR dreams for the future.  That strategy requires the help of a financial advisor who has been there, a Cadaret, Grant professional who will listen and then show the way.

- Paul R. Loucks, Registered Principal